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F*ing in Japan and a true English sign

Today’s topic, boys and girls, is about f*ing in Japan. That’s right, f*ing, the best brand of stockings you can get in Japan from Don Quixote.

As for the second picture of the day, I’m proud of whoever wrote it. They clearly have been communicating with their local English speaking foreigners. 🙂




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Present Included

So, in Japan it’s popular for magazines to include little presents for their customers; handbags and handkerchiefs for clothing issues, rice shapers for kid lunches and muffin cups for cooking ones, etc. The problems I see are twofold. First of all, I worked in a bookstore for a few years and I would love to know how many of this little presents are stolen from their magazines. Second…when the magazine is about porn…and the presents are used(!) [supposedly] panties….yeah…do I need to say anything more?

(I owe more pictures {24}, but I think today’s post is done 🙂 )




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Internet Engrish

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Tamagotchi Fortune

Tamagotchi are little animals that were most popular in small electronics that went bleep and bloop when you had to feed them, walk them and play with them. They’re still popular here in Japan, and when my husband and I went to Tokyo, we saw a shop with this…fortune teller (from what I can guess)j in front of it.

And no, I didn’t put my hand in it’s mouth. I’ve seen enough horror movies 😛



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Tiny Train

I don’t know much about trains, but this is the tiniest train I’ve ever seen. It sounded like my mom’s old diesel car when it was running 🙂

And if you notice, there is a ticket collection box in the front because some of the stops it makes have no ticket collectors, suika (electronic pass system) or mechanical ticket collectors.

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Traditionally Punny

Two more shirts I want to share and then we’ll move onto other topics. The first one is curdosy of my fist year (sophmore) students from class 1 – 2.

So the shirt says “Ganbare Nippon!” Translating this into English, it means “Do Your Best Japan!” I’m seeing a pun here as the class is Ni-kumi (2nd class). Anyone else see it?

And after that, we have the third years (seniors) who went a little traditional with black….

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By Color and Picture You Shall Know Them

Okay, I’ve been dead tired at night (to the point of sleeping at 6:30) so I’m starting something new and I’m going to update this blog in the morning. So….for today…(and yesterday).

Victry….Vic Try? Ah, Vict -o- ry! (With batman in my school uniform picture for the win).

Second year students (juniors) wore yellow while the first year students (sophomores) wore purple. If any of you watch the anime One Piece, this is the wanted poster from that, except that instead of the character’s picture and how much they’re worth, it now lists the names of my entire fourth class.

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