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Limited Time Offer

One of the things I love about McDonalds is that here, in Japan, they will come up with many limited time burger specials. I’ve blogged a bit about the Big America series burgers, but I think that the Korean BBQ burger was awesome! The sauce was amazing…*sigh* Why was it so limited!?

And, along with the special burger, you could wash it down with strawberry Pepsi! Actually pretty good, if a little strange / weird. Again, another limited time special and I wish it was back out.

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Moon Burger

September is a nice month. Summer is losing it’s harsh edge, Autumn is whirling in with breezes, and one of the most important things to do this month is to moon view. Today was supposed to be the best day for viewing, but I think that the clouds voted no. And while we were at the supermarket, McDonald’s had their Moon Viewing Burger, the tsukimi burger.

It’s a special peppery sauce with a slice of bacon and a poached egg, where the yolk represents the moon on a white sky. While I’m not a big fan of Mac, I will go out of my way to eat this limited time special.


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Adult Happy Meals

Japan is pretty smart, and sometimes McDonalds in particular. Since my husband and I have been here, we’ve seen specials where the adults get ‘toys’. The soccer world cup had special glasses you could collect, there have been two sets of McDonalds phone straps (specifically, it was a food item strap, like the fish burger), and now….

…we have six different glasses shaped like coke bottles (gotta catch ’em all!) After May 20th you can get Green, Dark Blue or Dark Gray, and after the start of June you can get Light Blue, Pink or Clear.

You can only get these if you make your set order a large (L size drink, L sized fries with your set), and I’m not sure if you’ll be able to choose a color or just get them randomly (that seems to depend on who’s manning the counter).

All I know is, I’m probably going to gain some weight around late May, early June. 😉

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