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Daruma Wishes

At a Takasaki temple, in the city where Daruma were created, every year you can go there, buy a wooden Daruma and string you wish onto a wishing post. As you can see, on the front is the traditional face and on the back you write your wishes for the new year.

And on a different post / tree (I’ve seen both), you can tie your bad luck. I’ve been told that you can only tie it with your non-dominant hand to let it “fly away”. Mine (tied with my left hand) was still there later. (Does that mean I kept it?) :-<

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Takasaki View 2


This picture was taken from the top of the beer garden in Takasaki, when a lot of us ALTS were saying goodbye to the ones that are going home in about a month.

I’m not going to talk too much about the beer garden, since that’ll be another picture for another day, but it was fun to talk with friends I haven’t seen for a while.

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Tornado Mart

It might be just a random clothing shop in Takasaki, but since Japan is entering it’s rainy season, enjoying the Typhoon weather, I thought the weather connection would make a great picture (and it really reminds me more of a hurricane than a tornado).

Oh, you’re asking me what type of clothing do they sell? Normal, everyday things like khakis. Don’t get your hopes up for cool, weird stuff. 😉



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Movie Night

In the Takasaki station, Save On I think, there’s a little movie kiosk. Pretty cheap at 100 yen per disc (~$1) and of course, since it’s open 24 hours, convenient.

Now, I can understand why you’d want a movie for 24 hours, or even 12 hours….but 8 hours? (The choice on this is 24 or 8). Ah well….the station isn’t conveinent for me, but maybe for other people who live nearby and can walk.

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Where to Go, What to Do

A little bit late on posting, I was having a great time at a friend’s wedding party. So, as you probably know by now, that means 2 pics!

I present, the Parking Lot of Awesome. For whatever reason (high rent don’t want to hire other people, etc), several small food joints decided to ply their wares here, and man, is it great! Each place only holds about ten people, but you can get Chinese food, Korean food, Italian food, a bunch of different Japanese foods…and then, of course, there’s the drinks. 🙂

I wondered if this would work in the U.S. Just having a bunch of different food stalls in a parking lot…and realized that too many people would drive, so you’d need a parking lot for the parking lot.

And, saving the best for last (’cause I love spicy food), SkyTurk in Takasaki! This is where we went after the second drinking party for wonderful pita and beef, great pistachio desserts and more beer. The people there were very kind; I was writing down the name of the music currently playing and the guy asked if I had a thumb drive with me, he’d just give me the song. And then he said he gave me some more music that he liked as well. 🙂

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Takasaki View 1

Ah, Takasaki. I wouldn’t mind living there as it’s about 30 minutes by train from my town of Isesaki, but oh well. I still like my city too. 🙂

The home of Daruma and the biggest Daruma festival in Gunma, Takasaki is a very big city, even bigger than the capital of the prefecture. Near the station are many restaurants (Korean, Mexican, Turkish to name a few varieties) and other fun places like; the park (filled with carp and beautiful sakura), Animate (for all your anime needs), the Beer Garden (all you can eat / drink for a limited time on the top of a building) and a museum (hosting an Egyptian mummy exhibit for whoever’s interested).

And for the English bookworm…a small free library at the city hall. 😉

(Yes mom, before you ask, my home library is still better).

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Isesaki Daruma

Yep, another post about Daruma…’cause honestly, there’s a lot to know about them. So, where do you buy Daruma? Especially for the beginning of the year?

You buy them at the town fair!

Where all these cool men and women are selling them from stalls! If you look closely, you can see red, black, yellow, pink, white and blue Darumas of all sizes.

So, this is the main street of my town, Isesaki, and today was the Daruma festival (yeah, weirdly enough on a Tuesday…) Also, so you don’t get too disappointed, our festival is a LOT smaller than the neighboring cities of Maebashi or Takasaki (where the Daruma was originally created). Amusingly enough, one of the stall owners, who was selling crepes, had also been in Maebashi on the 9th and she remembered seeing me and my husband there!

Anyhow, back to the Daruma. As you can see, they’re eyeless. When you buy one, you make a resolution and fill in one eye. Then, through the year, it’ll help remind you to make progress on your goal.

Okay, here’s your task for the day. I’ve put up three different pictures of Daruma by this point. You need to look at the eyebrows, do you see the shape of any type of flying animal?

And look at the cheek hair…does it look like an animal’s pattern?

Feel free to leave your guesses in the comment section below!


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