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Daruma Wishes

At a Takasaki temple, in the city where Daruma were created, every year you can go there, buy a wooden Daruma and string you wish onto a wishing post. As you can see, on the front is the traditional face and on the back you write your wishes for the new year.

And on a different post / tree (I’ve seen both), you can tie your bad luck. I’ve been told that you can only tie it with your non-dominant┬áhand to let it “fly away”. Mine (tied with my left hand) was still there later. (Does that mean I kept it?) :-<

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Toilet Shrine

My apologies about the last few posts, or what I want to say is, the last few non-posts. The upside is that I’ve been very busy lately…the downside is that I’ve been very busy lately. ­čśë ┬á Please be patient with me until around the end of July, school will be out then and I’ll┬ácertainly┬áhave the time (and energy) to update properly. The missing pictures will be added then, so you’ll just have to okay with one today.

There is a shrine nearby where you flush your wishes to make them come true. It’s next to the divorce temples, where woman went to divorce their husbands. The white toilet flushes the wishes you want to have; happy family, health, love, good test grades; the black toilets flushes black wishes, those things that you want to divorce from; sickness,┬átrouble, bad grades, etc.

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All these papers you see are wishes, since today is Tanabata!

Tanabata is celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th month, and in Japan, people celebrate by writing wishes on little strips of paper and (usually) hanging them on bamboo branches. Mostly, girls wanted to be better at sewing / crafts and boys wanted better handwriting, but today, anybody can wish for anything.

For example, I’ve heard a tale about a little girl who wished to be licked by a kitten ­čÖé …her mother and I think that means she wants a kitten. ­čśë

The original story is that the two lovers, the stars Vega and Altair (Orihime and Hikoboshi in Japanese) were so happy together that Orihime quit making clothes and her husband Hikoboshi let his cows wander all over Heaven, so they were┬áseparated┬áby the the Milky Way (a large river). They are only allowed to meet one day a year, but if it’s raining, it means that they weren’t able to cross the river to meet and must wait for another year.


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