Prego: It’s not what you think

28 Jul

No, Prego is not a fertility clinic! (Thought I’d nip the question before it was asked 😉 )

Prego is actually the name of a Pachinko parlor in Ikebukuro that had a line outside of it at…what, 10am? For a loud, noisy, ear-numbing (do you get the idea?) smokey place with little silver balls that you put into a machine that may or may not win you money. (Not my type of a good time, but hey, to each their own).

Some skill is involved, I’m told, and making money does happen. There are people in Japan that can honestly say that gambling is their job. These guys aren’t living on the street, they own nice places (or rent), take care of their parents, or just enjoy living a life where they can choose their hours.

On a side note, I think there is actually one woman in line…I’ve also been told that Pachinko is not for the ‘fairer sex’.

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