Lunch Special: Maple and Margarine Sandwich

28 Jan

How do you make a sandwich? Normally, a person takes things that taste good apart, and together, and makes a sandwich. Peanut butter and jelly. Cheese and tomato. Stuff like that.

Maple and margarine….I mean sure, they taste great, and who does’t love maple? But as a sandwich?

Out of curiosity, I tried it. Yes, I actually ate it. The maple part tastes great, delicious. Being able to literally taste the thick slab of butter made my stomach a little nauseous.  Maybe it’s a texture thing?

Or maybe it’s a ‘too much butter on a sandwich that’s not been grilled’ thing.

If I remember correctly, another one of their lunch pack sandwiches is Blueberry Whip. Bread filled with blueberries inserted into whipped cream.

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